Monday, March 29, 2010

HAVOC Ancients Revival

The first Field of Glory Ancients Tournament was just held in Shrewsbury, Massachusetts, last Sunday, March 27, 2010.  This event was a grand success, with 14 players, all from New England.  There was tons of good sportsmanship, no rules disagreements, and a wide variety of well-painted armies. 

From what I understand, back in the 1980's and 1990's, HAVOC was the location of a well attended Ancients tournament, but in recent years, after a drop in attendance, the tournament vanished from the Ancients gaming calender.  Given the success of this event though, the hope now is that a critical mass of gamers in the New England area has been reached, and that this will represent the revival of a very much missed, gotta-be-there tournament.

My Catalan Company did okay under my generalship.  I won my first game big, but then went on the lose my next two games against two of the best players in the country.  I finished in 8th place out of the field of 14.

The Almughavars move forward accompanied by some Turcopoles

Medieval French were my opponent in the first round.  Although I got the win 25-0, the game was really much more closely contested than the score indicates.  In the center of the battlefield, my opponent massively lost a dice-off between our knight units, one-on-one, and within a turn or two, unfortunately for him, his army completely collapsed.

The climatic battle between the French and Catalan Knights

Unfortunately for me, my big win in the first game meant that in the second round I would have to take on Mr. the King himself, Matt Iverson, playing a really nasty Santa Hermandad army.  As soon as I saw him deploy, I knew that I should have won by a narrower margin in the first round!  It could have been worse though - I did manage to break two of his units (the only player to do so all day), and I think I made him work a little harder than he may have expected to.  At one point before my army collapsed, I thought I might even have a chance to do even more damage, but it turned out Matt was only playing with me, and within several more turns, it was all over but the crying.

The Grand Company just after they thought they might make History...

Even after this trouncing, my score was still high enough to land me on the second table against another top player, Paul Georgian, playing Hundred Years War English (I hate those longbows!)

On top table, Matt faced off against Hussites, an army that I have not yet seen make a tournament appearance for Field of Glory.  It was very refreshing to see this kind of army diversity showing up for a competition.

Jacob Kovel's (of Silver Eagle Wargaming Supplies) Hussites, lined up for battle.

Like most of our friendly game's, Paul's and mine was a knock-down affair, where I did do some damage, but couldn't gather up a win when my knights and armored cavalry refused to make any hits in the key sector of the battle.  The win justifiably went to the English, 14.9 to 5.1.  I'll get you next time, Paul!

For those interested, here are the awards presentation photos:

Tom McMillen receiving the Best Sportsman Award

Hal Edgett gets the Best Painted Army Award

Mr. the King, of course, receives Best General

The Award Winners, Paul Georgian and myself (the organizers get to pose, right?)

So, HAVOC was a great time indeed.  Hopefully it happens again next year, and we pick up a few players from outside New England too.

Next up for Ancients gaming for me...Pointcon, at the United States Military Academy.

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