Tuesday, March 30, 2010

FoG Illumination Number One

I've been playing Field of Glory relatively regularly now for a little over two years.  I think I have a pretty good grasp of the rules mechanisms (tactics are another matter though), and I can usually get through a game without any references to the rulebook.  But on occasion, a situation will come up in a game, or my opponent will point something out where I realize that the way things actually work is a bit different than what I had been assuming.  Suddenly, this puts a whole different light on how to play the game.  I think of these moments as FoG Illuminations, and I thought it might be interesting to post these experiences here on Sword and Sandal Gaming.  

FoG Illumination Number One

While getting soundly trashed by Mister the King at the HAVOC Field of Glory Tournament, at one point during the game, when I was maneuvering one of his light horse units up against the side table edge, I thought that eventually I would get him to evade off the board there.  For anyone who has played Mr. Iverson, any attrition point loss one can score against him can be a bit of a personal triumph.  But more the fool me!

Matt correctly pointed out that an evading unit does not need to exit the side table edge, or even the opponent's rear edge.  They are only forced to exit the table (resulting in a single attrition point loss) when meeting their own rear edge.  What the rules say is that when an evading battlegroup meets the side or opponent's rear edge of the table, the battlegroup can then "choose to turn 90 degrees and wheel parallel to the table edge in whichever direction is closet to directly away from the chargers".

Wow!  I can't believe that I was playing that incorrectly all this time, and the proper way of doing this gives new meaning to the Parthian shot.  Suddenly, the table is a lot larger for light horse armies than I had realized.  Thanks to Matt - the ultimate master in the use of light horse armies - there is Sword and Sandal's first FoG Illumination.

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