Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Sword and Sandal Gaming

Ancient History and Wargaming for Amateurs and Grognards...and a bit of Medievals too

Spartacus, Caesar, Alexander, Hannibal, and Attila the Hun

Romans, Spartans, and Long-Haired Barbarians

Sword and Sandal Gaming is a new blog combining two topics of special interest to myself and many of my gaming friends – the study of Ancient and Medieval History, along with wargaming these subjects. I am no expert, but I do fancy myself a bit of an amateur historian in these periods, and I hope to present material here for people with similar interests. My plan is to include an equal amount of material concerning Ancient and Medieval Wargaming, along with general history topics.

As far as gaming is concerned, the majority of my gaming uses tabletop armies composed of hand-painted miniature figures, although I have also been a board and computer gamer – it is my intent to have topics pertaining to all these types of gaming. In addition to my own postings, I hope to solicit additional material from any other interested readers.

...So, it's a start, I guess. For all you fans of tales of swordplay and armored hosts, let's have some fun together.


  1. Good start. I have wanted to do something similar but know I just would not update it or post to it frequently as I would be to busy. Maybe I will start contributing to this blog.

  2. Thanks, Justin - I'm still trying to figure out how to get the comments to show on the main screen so that people can see them without having to know they need to click on the comments button. I'll get it eventually.

    If you want to be added as an author who can post here, let me know, and I'll add you as one.

  3. Yes you can add me as an author and I will try to take a look at how this all works. I guess I would have to set up an account first though right?

  4. Right, you set up an account, and after that it is reasonably self explanatory. I know you're not computer adverse, so you should get it. And the help section was enough to get me going. I'll see if I can't add you tonight.